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5 things you should never say to someone with scoliosis

Hello everyone,

I wanted to start this blog post off, by saying that I know not everyone understands what scoliosis is, and I get that! I didn't either, until I got it.
I wanted to make this blog post in the hope that some of you reading this can relate in some way. It can be frustrating when people say things such as "it can't be that bad", I've had this said to me several times, and I know scoliosis is nowhere near as bad as some conditions, but it is worse than you may just presume. scoliosis is painful and annoying, it often stops you from doing things you really want to do and as much as that sucks ... you just deal with it. Everyone I know who has scoliosis has had to give up something or make some kind of sacrifice that they didn't want to.

here are 10 things you should never say to someone with scoliosis -

1) Sit up straight! - this is an almost impossible task to ask someone with scolios…

How to prepare for scoliosis surgery

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to write a blog post on how I prepared for my spinal fusion surgery, in the hope that it may help one of you guys who may either have scoliosis and are awaiting surgery or if you are simply just curious. 

Preparing for surgery isn't easy, and if you are anything like me you will be nervous and worried. which is why I think that prior to surgery you should surround yourself with loved ones, be it family or friends, this is probably the one piece of advice I strongly suggest doing, surrounding yourself with the ones you love will help you to feel less on edge about things and will also show you that there is going to be people there for you during your long road to recovery. 

1) Find out everything you can about the procedure

educating yourself about the procedure is a good thing to do, its important to understand what will be happening to your spine and to be aware of the risks that could occur.


My current hair care routine

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to talk to you all about my current hair care routine. I've recently being using the Garnier ultimate blends shampoo and conditioner in Mythic Olive, and I have been noticing a real difference in the texture of my hair i.e. the smoothness.

Garnier ultimate blends shampoo - The shampoo claims to be a weightless nourisher for dried out hair, and aims to lock in moisture and add smoothness. The shampoo contains ingredients such as, virgin olive oil and safflower seed oil.  In my opinion, the shampoo does everything it claims and more, as it reduces my frizz, however unlike some shampoos I've tried, it doesn't weigh my hair down, which is always a plus!

Garnier ultimate blends conditioner - The conditioner, much like the shampoo contains virgin oil and safflower seed oil, which both have nourishing qualities. Once again, the conditioner also promises that it smooths and eliminates the…

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - review

Hi guys,

Today I thought I'd do a review on the new too faced sweet peach palette.
when this palette was first released honestly, I didn't think id like it, some of the colours were out of my comfort zone, i.e.. the purple and the khaki green colour, as these don't suit me, however I've being trying to be more adventurous and open to new things when it comes to my makeup and decided to give them a try.

So far, I've being really impressed with the pigmentation and quality of this palette, the shadows apply beautifully on to the lid and last all day long.
Another thing I thought I would add, ( although I'm sure your all aware by now),is that this palette actually smells of peaches.

The packaging of this palette is made from tin, making it incredibly durable and travel friendly. The theme of this palette is really well thought out and I love the colour scheme of pastel pinks and peaches.

  A descrip…