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2017 Beauty Advent Calendars - review

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you all the beauty advent calendars I purchased this year and my thoughts and opinions on them so far. I will be discussing the quality, design and value for money regarding both the advent calendars featured.

Tanya Burr cosmetics 12 days advent calendar -

The Tanya Burr advent calendar retails for £30, however I purchased mine from Superdrug for £20. This calendar is aesthetically pleasing and the products are of a good size and of a great quality. Overall, I really enjoyed opening this calendar, however it did have some let downs for instance the compact mirror in my opinion, was of a poor quality and to be completely honest I was expecting something better from a brand like Tanya Burr cosmetics. However, the glitter eyeliners and lip-glosses were the highlights from this beauty advent calendar. I wore one of the glitter eyeliners on Christmas day and I really liked the appearance and effect I received from it. The Tanya Burr cosmetics advent …

Celebrating 1 year of Looking Back

Hello everyone,

It was exactly 1 year ago today since I wrote my first ever blog post !!, and for me that’s quite overwhelming. Its a big thing to be able to voice my experience to everyone reading this blog post right now, when I was first diagnosed with scoliosis I never thought I would one day be writing blog posts about my journey, but if anything I think this shows me that even though it sounds cheesy anything is possible! 
I created Looking Back to help others in the same situation as I once was, I wanted to provide reassurance and comfort to others. I have experienced scoliosis and I remember how daunting it can be, scoliosis was a huge part of my life and to some extent it still is. I publish blog posts about new developments within scoliosis research, new treatments and general news surrounding the condition. Scoliosis is something that interests me, so when new developments occur I find myself automatically wanting to share them on my blog.

Looking Back, wasn’t just create…

5 things I was never told about scoliosis surgery !!

Hello everyone,

When I had my scoliosis surgery I felt as prepared as possible, however they were several things I was unaware of post surgery, I thought I would share these and if any of you reading this are going to have the scoliosis spinal fusion surgery then maybe this could be useful to some of you.

1) Sneezing !!
I had know idea that this would be a problem, but sneezing was very painful! post surgery you will feel very sore and weak and trying to get a sneeze out is very tasking. unfortunately this isn't something that can be prevent we just have to deal with it, on the bright side this discomfort does disappear after a few weeks.

2) Balance and coordination
imagine spending your entire life balancing to one side of your body and then having to try to re balance yourself so you walk straight, everything is so much easier but it does take some serious getting used to. I expected it to come naturally but it was quite a shock to be honest.

3) Flexibility
I was aware that…