5 things you should never say to someone with scoliosis

                                                               Hello everyone,

I wanted to start this blog post off, by saying that I know not everyone understands what scoliosis is, and I get that! I didn't either, until I got it.
I wanted to make this blog post in the hope that some of you reading this can relate in some way. It can be frustrating when people say things such as "it can't be that bad", I've had this said to me several times, and I know scoliosis is nowhere near as bad as some conditions, but it is worse than you may just presume. scoliosis is painful and annoying, it often stops you from doing things you really want to do and as much as that sucks ... you just deal with it. Everyone I know who has scoliosis has had to give up something or make some kind of sacrifice that they didn't want to.

here are 10 things you should never say to someone with scoliosis -

1) Sit up straight! - this is an almost impossible task to ask someone with scoliosis to do, by saying this it can make them feel self conscious and embarrassed.

2)  I totally get what you mean, my back hurts sometimes too! - patients with severe scoliosis, can receive a large amount of pain and aches to their back, and most of the time this pain is constant so saying this to someone with scoliosis could really irritate them. Their pain isn't occasional and they have it because their spin is twisted.

3) You wouldn't have all these problems if you had better posture - The cause for many types of scoliosis is unknown, and isn't necessarily linked with posture. scoliosis is not self inflicted!

4) Doesn't the surgery fully correct your back? - The simple answer is no, it doesn't, surgery is a last resort to receive the best possible correction, but people with scoliosis will never have a straight back.

5) why don't you do sports? -  patients who have just had spinal fusion surgery, are not allowed to go back to sports for around 3 months as the metal work has not yet fused properly with the spine and they usually have to wait 6-12 months to return back to contact sports.

I hope you learnt something about scoliosis, and  I hope some of you could relate.

Thank you for reading

Sadie xoxo


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