Scoliosis explained....

Hello everyone,

As I am sure you are aware I often blog about a condition known as Scoliosis. I wanted to break down what Scoliosis is and hopefully help spread awareness to anyone who may click on this post completely unaware of the condition. Hopefully this blog post acts as a social catalyst to spread the word about the condition.

Scoliosis simply is the abnormal curvature of the spine, in pretty much any direction e.g. you can have S shaped curves like mine which mean you have essentially an S shaped spine which has two counteracting curves on either side. An S shaped curve can consist of two or three curves in the spine, the most common is two curves creating the stereotypical S shape. The other type of curvature is C shaped, this curvature consists of one curve that can be to the left, right or forwards (often creating a hunched back)

Scoliosis can occur at any age, however it occurs more frequently between the ages of 10-15 and is usually idiopathic (the cause is unknown), alt…

Iceland April 2019

Hello everyone,

I went to Iceland  awhile ago now and I wanted to share a photography post again, as I did with the previous trips I have gone on. I find these posts are more interesting and aesthetically pleasing to look at as they are a visual representation of the trip.

I really enjoyed Iceland, I would definitely recommend going and visiting if you are currently thinking about it. Thank you so much for looking at these photos and I hope it has given you a visual for what a trip to Iceland looks like.

Looking Back xoxo

3 Years Post Op

Hello everyone,

It’s been awhile since i have posted anything on here as I have been busy with exam season. However,   June 14th was my official 3 year post op spinal fusion surgery anniversary. I have always posted for my anniversary and it is something I wish to continue in the future.

I can’t quite believe it has been 3 years since my operation, to be honest it feels like just yesterday. Whilst the surgery was one of the most daunting experiences of my life, it was well worth it for the outcome I received. My back aches and pains whilst still prominent are less frequent than I could’ve ever imagined. Scoliosis is, and will always be, a big part of my life. But, with the back pain slowing fading in memory my life is almost back to normal. Sure there are some things I can’t do and will probably never be able to do again, but if someone was to ask me whether it was worth it, my answer will always remain the same, yes!

I am constantly researching developments in scoliosis treatments a…

Hello 2019 ...

Hello everyone,

My first post of 2019. I can't quite believe it. 2018 was a world wind of a year, it had its ups and it's downs. However, I am ready to welcome 2019 with open arms.

This isn't your typical new year resolutions post that no one really sticks to but rather a post letting you know what I want to work on during 2019. These are things I want to try, do or change. There are no promises simply statements of what I want to develop and improve within my own life.

1) Be Kind to myself..
Everyone says this but it is definitely one of the hardest resolutions you could set yourself because it isn't easy. We all judge and scrutinise ourselves on a daily basis, but I think it is important to acknowledge that perfection is not always obtainable. We are our own greatest critics and my aim for 2019 is to stop and reflect on the things that I do like about myself rather than the things I don't. It's almost impossible but with time it is something that can become e…

Revolution 2018 beauty advent calendar- review

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to do a review on a beauty advent calendar I had this year. I did a similar post to this last year and it seemed to go down quite well, so I thought I would do it again. The Revolution calendar was probably one of the best I have tried. The products were reasonable sizes and were very inclusive which I really liked.
The calendar was 25days and on the 25th day I got a full sized eyeshadow palette. All other days were mini sized products. However, they were all of moderate size in my opinion. The lipsticks were full sized and the shades were all gorgeous.

This calendar retailed for around £30 which I thought was a very reasonable price considering the quantity and quality of the products.

Inside this calendar I received a full sized eyeshadow palette on the 25th of December and a mini eyeshadow palette. The main thing besides the quality of the shadows within these palettes, was how inclusive they were. The palettes were fairly neutral especially the mini …

Scoliosis: How to improve your flexibility

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted anything to do with scoliosis for a while now and I wanted to share some new information regarding scoliosis flexibility.
As scoliosis curvatures progress many patients begin to lose flexibility. However, there are simple ways to regain this movement through light exercising such as yoga and Thai chi. These slow yet core building exercises help to contract and relax the muscles more frequently helping with movement and strength. They allow for muscles in the back to be stretched.

However, spinal fusion surgery the main treatment for scoliosis correction limits flexibility and muscle movement in the back. The rods and bolts hold the spine in a fixed position enabling correction but this does mean that movement is reduced. Exercising and stretching can help to regain some of the previous muscle memory.  Spinal fusion has been proven time and time again to be very effective but the reduction in mobility is still prominent.

There is a clinic which spec…

Juvia's place mini magic eyeshadow palette- review

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be reviewing the magic palette by Juvia's place. This palette is very vibrant and has a wide range of variety and colour selection. I wanted to both purchase and review this palette due to the hype surrounding Juvia's place. It has definitely lived up to my expectations.

Pigmentation - the pay off from these shadows is amazing. They blend seamlessly and the longevity is really good. These eyeshadows are of the quality of some of the high end shadows I have previously tried.

Despite the vibrant colour palette these colours can be very complementary to one another. There are a number of both matte and shimmer shadows. The mattes are highly pigmented. The shimmers are vibrant and add that something special to an eye look.

The top two rows are warm toned shadows and the bottom two rows are cool tones. This even mix makes the palette great for experimental people and also universally inclusive.

Due to the shade selections these shadows would be…