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2 years post op scoliosis spinal fusion surgery!!

Hello everyone,

I honestly cannot believe I am currently writing this post. I am officially 2 years post op spinal fusion surgery. It certainly doesn't feel like it has been 2 whole years. When I think about how my back used to be and the pain I used to have to deal with it's honestly incredible. A spinal surgery is a big deal, and to think I have come so far since mine honestly blows my mind.
I rarely have back pains anymore. I wasn't really expecting the back pain to ever go away to be honest, but i am so lucky that it has. The back pain was always one of the worst things about having scoliosis for me, besides the uneven shoulder blades and hips. I began to see the pain as normal and after my surgery when the pain had gone away it felt really weird. I no longer had to take co- codamal daily, or stretch my back all the time just to relive some of the pain and aches.
I do get the occasional aches and pains like anyone else does, but I don't complain about them as I kno…

It’s scoliosis month !!

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if you remember but I did a whole month of  blog posts dedicated to scoliosis month in June of last year. Scoliosis month is something I always like to talk about on my blog, as I have scoliosis and I want anyone here who also has scoliosis to be able to relate, and help spread the word when it comes to scoliosis awareness.
Scoliosis month is basically a month dedicated to educating and helping others to detect their scoliosis early, so a quicker solution or treatment can be put into action.
By spreading awareness, scoliosis will become a more well known condition and people will begin to know the signs and how to look for the spinal condition themselves. Awareness will hopefully help to reduce the amount of people having spinal fusions, as earlier treatements can be put in to place first.

So what is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature or twist of the spine. It can affect people of any age from babies to the elderly. It is most prominent in chil…