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Hello 2019 ...

Hello everyone,

My first post of 2019. I can't quite believe it. 2018 was a world wind of a year, it had its ups and it's downs. However, I am ready to welcome 2019 with open arms.

This isn't your typical new year resolutions post that no one really sticks to but rather a post letting you know what I want to work on during 2019. These are things I want to try, do or change. There are no promises simply statements of what I want to develop and improve within my own life.

1) Be Kind to myself..
Everyone says this but it is definitely one of the hardest resolutions you could set yourself because it isn't easy. We all judge and scrutinise ourselves on a daily basis, but I think it is important to acknowledge that perfection is not always obtainable. We are our own greatest critics and my aim for 2019 is to stop and reflect on the things that I do like about myself rather than the things I don't. It's almost impossible but with time it is something that can become e…