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Carmi X Revolution Kiss of Fire eyeshadow palette - review

Hello everyone,

I wanted to review Carmi Mua's recent collaboration palette with Revolution. The palette is called Kiss of Fire and it retails for £10. You can find Carmi's palette on Revolution's website or Superdrug online or in store. The palette contains 8 eyeshadows and 2 highlighters. Carmi's palette is very colourful and it definitely will add a little fire to your collection.

I really like Carmi's palette as it enables me to be more adventurous with my makeup and it adds a pop of colour to my makeup look.

Bibi - orange matte
Yellow Heart - yellow matte
Valeria - light pink with gold shift shimmer
Kiss of Fire - maroon matte
Game on - black matte
My fair lady - light pink with white shift shimmer
#UWELCOME - magenta matte
Morning call - violet matte
XXIII- burgundy metallic
Dominion - teal metallic
Flash me! - river green with a white shift (highlighter)
Opulence - bronze gold (highlighter)

The eyeshadows and highlighters in this palette are very pigmented a…

Tammi X Revolution Tropical Paradise eyeshadow palette - review

Hello everyone,

I’m so excited to do this post. I have watched Tammi on YouTube for quite some time now and when she announced that she had collaborated with one of my favourite brands (Revolution) I knew I had to pick up her palette and review it for you guys.
I have previously reviewed the Soph X Revolution eyeshadow palettes, which went down really well. I loved both those palettes so much, the formula the colour selection and the pigmentation was amazing; so I had very high hopes for this palette too!

I wasn't disappointed with this palette. The colours are gorgeous and very pigmented. They all blend beautifully and you can achieve so many different looks with this palette, due to its versatility.

1) Moonlight - white shimmer
2) Pina Colada - pale gold shimmer
3) Enchanting - copper shimmer
4) Queen Lou - light brown shimmer
5) Burning Heat - rose gold shimmer
6) Tropical - orange matte
7) Majestic - dark raspberry matte
8) Coralline - maroon matte
9) Paradise - Khaki shimmer

The official sign off, 2 years post op!

Hello everyone,

I recently had my 2 year check up appointment for my scoliosis. I never thought I would be sat writing this post. It feels very strange to say the least. I have been officially signed off from all planned appointments; in some ways this almost feels like an end to an era. Scoliosis has been a massive part of my life for a good 4 years now and it probably always will be.

It feels so surreal to be saying, that this is finally the end of the road. No more appointments.
I’m so relieved that everything has worked out so well, but it’s weird knowing that I can finally move on. Scoliosis no longer controls my life. It will always be part of me but it is something I have overcome . I’m pretty proud of myself to be honest.
I have so many memories from my appointments the bad and the good.

Scoliosis has been an emotional rollercoaster, it’s had it’s dips and it’s highs but as cheesy as it sounds it’s time for me to get off the roller coaster. My early teenage years have been dif…

Soph X Revolution extra spice palette review

Hello everyone,

I was so excited when sophdoesnails once again announced she would be collaborating with Revolution, especially after the success of her previous palettes.  Her new palette with Revolution is called extra spice and it comes in gorgeous rose gold packaging and her signature on the palette is nude. She has reversed the packaging to her previous palette, I really like this idea.  Another change, would be that she has put the names onto the palette instead of on a plastic sheet like before, this is so helpful as I was constantly loosing the sheet.
The palette retails for £10 super affordable! The palette is for sale  on Revolution beauty and Superdrug online and in store as of now. She also releases 3 nude lipsticks called syrup, cake and fudge. I am just reviewing the palette today. However, let me know in the comments if you would like to see a review on these 3 lipsticks and I will do one.

This palette offers a range of shades some neutral and some that are much more vi…