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Dealing with the diagnosis of scoliosis


I'm back again to talk to you all about dealing with the diagnosis of scoliosis, I'm no expert and no one can tell you how to deal with anything in life, everyone copes differently, however I wanted to let you know how I coped and what, now looking back I would suggest doing. If any of you reading this have had a spinal fusion I would love to know how you got on and I would also be happy to talk to anyone who has gone through a similar experience, because I do feel that talking is an excellent way to cope with the diagnosis of scoliosis.

When I was first diagnosed I found myself hunting for answers, what is scoliosis ?, why do people get it ?, what are the treatments?. I emailed a girl from the curvy girls association, which by the way is a brilliant way of talking to others who are in the same boat as yourself. Curvy girls not only provided me with some sort of comfort within the situation but it also showed me that they are others out there who have been through the same…

The best beauty products of 2016 - in my opinion


I'm back again to talk about the best beauty products in which I have tried and tested throughout 2016, these product reviews are initially in my opinion and if you too have tried the products mentioned but they did not work for you that's fine every product works differently on everyone's skin type and makeup is a completely personal and unique way of showing creativity.

I'm firstly going to start of with my favourite 
 powders in which I have two, the  mac mineralise skin finish and a more affordable yet still just as good rimmel stay matte powder.

The mac mineralise skinfinish powder is perfect for normal to dry skin types as it has a lightweight and finely milled formula. It's not heavy on the skin, it really helps to create and set a flawless base it's not at all cakey and doesn't oxidise throughout the day like other powders I've tried, although this powder is high end its totally worth the price tag in my opinion!

The Rimmel stay matte pow…

Scoliosis: my journey


My name is Sadie, and I've created this blog to document my journey, raise awareness and most importantly help others dealing with scoliosis.

Scoliosis can be a scary and frightening thing and I want to be able to help as many of you as I can.

with that been said I'd like to firstly explain for anyone who has recently been diganosed what scoliosis is.
Scoliosis is an adnormal curvature of the spine it can be an S or C shaped curve, I personally had an S shaped curve. It is normal for everyone to have a natural curve within the spine, but when this curve gets over 10 degrees it is then considered a mild case of scoliosis.
There are many treatments for scoliosis including close monitoring (i.e. X-rays), bracing, physiotherapy and finally for severe cases a spinal fusion may be required.

When I was diagnosed I was already a severe case so I was unable to have a brace or phsiotherapy.
This of course lef…