How to prepare for scoliosis surgery

                                                    Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to write a blog post on how I prepared for my spinal fusion surgery, in the hope that it may help one of you guys who may either have scoliosis and are awaiting surgery or if you are simply just curious. 

Preparing for surgery isn't easy, and if you are anything like me you will be nervous and worried. which is why I think that prior to surgery you should surround yourself with loved ones, be it family or friends, this is probably the one piece of advice I strongly suggest doing, surrounding yourself with the ones you love will help you to feel less on edge about things and will also show you that there is going to be people there for you during your long road to recovery. 

1) Find out everything you can about the procedure

educating yourself about the procedure is a good thing to do, its important to understand what will be happening to your spine and to be aware of the risks that could occur.

2) Arrive at the hospital prepared

Bring some very comfortable clothes. Button-down pyjama sets are very useful, as it will be hard to lift your arms over your head at first. While you're in the actual hospital, though, you'll probably end up wearing your gown for almost the entire time.
chap stick and face wipes are essential as both your lips and face will be really dry after surgery, and as you wont be able to have a shower for around 5 days prior to surgery ( which is gross haha!),face wipes will be a really useful way to freshen up.

3)  Stock up on DVD's

or books or magazines or anything you think will help keep you busy whilst at home recovering. The first couple of weeks you will feel too ill to do much but after a few weeks at home with daytime TV  believe me, it can get boring!

4) Try to relax

 I know it’s difficult but you really do have to relax. I really stressed myself out before surgery and suffered with anxiety and panic attacks.
Try to get a good night sleep before the surgery if possible ( although it is very hard)  and try relaxation techniques such as hypnotherapy or listening to some relaxing muic. swimming can also help you to relax, whilst strengthening your back muscles at the same time, this is something I would recommend doing pre and post surgery.

5) Pamper yourself

Don’t forget to pamper yourself a bit leading up to surgery – this can help you relax and take your mind off things which is very important. Plus you deserve it after what you are about to go through! I would recommend having some fun with your friends, as you won't be able for a while post surgery. Pampering yourself can just make you feel alot better in yourself, which is important.

6)  Voice your worries

Talk about the worries you may be having with a friend or parent. If you are feeling very worried or anxious you can speak to your doctor or surgeon, who can provide you with extra information and support. It's important to feel prepared mentally and voicing the worries you may have, can help to reassure yourself that everything will be okay.

7) Be positive

It is hard to be positive going into surgery, but you have to remember that although recovery is painful and annoying to say the least ! it will be worth it in the end you will have an improved/ nearly perfect spine and the pain could disappear for good!

Thank you so much for reading and I really hope this post has helped some of you. If you are worried about the surgery, and would like to talk to someone about it please feel free to comment below or you can email me


                                                                        Sadie xoxo


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