Dealing with the diagnosis of scoliosis


I'm back again to talk to you all about dealing with the diagnosis of scoliosis, I'm no expert and no one can tell you how to deal with anything in life, everyone copes differently, however I wanted to let you know how I coped and what, now looking back I would suggest doing. If any of you reading this have had a spinal fusion I would love to know how you got on and I would also be happy to talk to anyone who has gone through a similar experience, because I do feel that talking is an excellent way to cope with the diagnosis of scoliosis.

When I was first diagnosed I found myself hunting for answers, what is scoliosis ?, why do people get it ?, what are the treatments?. I emailed a girl from the curvy girls association, which by the way is a brilliant way of talking to others who are in the same boat as yourself. Curvy girls not only provided me with some sort of comfort within the situation but it also showed me that they are others out there who have been through the same, and are on the other side of things. I know it's hard, but honestly as scary as scoliosis is, it's not all bad. It's taught me not to take anything as simple as walking straight for granted.

Being diagnosed was a horrible time, I didn't know what 'scoliosis' was and I was scared. I personally feel that it's bad that so many people don't know what it is, and the worst part is because people don't know it means that so many of us including my self find out when it's too late, making the whole process much more difficult to deal with. Some people never even find out they have it until they are adults, and of course having corrective surgery when your older is risky and more complex.

I really want everyone to know what scoliosis is before hand so everybody can be aware and more prepared for the situations they may face. In some schools they bring in nurses and check for it, I really wish my school did the same, beacause I believe that if you have something wrong with you not just scoliosis, you have the right to know.

Now looking back, I realise that I did not deal with scoliosis in the best way, but to be honest is there even a 'way' you should deal with it. Coping is a personal thing, some people will find it hard to come to terms with,whereas others might not think that much of it, until they have to.

I couldn't honestly write this blog post, telling you all how to deal with scoliosis when I truely do not know myself, but if there is one thing I would hope you could take away from reading this is,that there is others out there who have been through it, and yes it's a horrible experience but its probably the best thing I've ever done.

Through having scoliosis, I've met some wonderful people I wouldn't of even known existed, I've also found out and realised who my real friends are.

Thankyou for reading and Happy New Year !

Sadie xoxo


  1. Diagnosed at 12. Wore a Milwaukee brace until 18. Total back fusion at 55 to stabilize my spine. Constant pain still at 66. Research and treatment has come a long way--thank goodness.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you are still in pain. I occasionally get aches and pains, but I am so thankful for the development of medicine. I wish you the best with your scoliosis x


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