The best beauty products of 2016 - in my opinion


I'm back again to talk about the best beauty products in which I have tried and tested throughout 2016, these product reviews are initially in my opinion and if you too have tried the products mentioned but they did not work for you that's fine every product works differently on everyone's skin type and makeup is a completely personal and unique way of showing creativity.

I'm firstly going to start of with my favourite 
 powders in which I have two, the  mac mineralise skin finish and a more affordable yet still just as good rimmel stay matte powder.

The mac mineralise skinfinish powder is perfect for normal to dry skin types as it has a lightweight and finely milled formula. It's not heavy on the skin, it really helps to create and set a flawless base it's not at all cakey and doesn't oxidise throughout the day like other powders I've tried, although this powder is high end its totally worth the price tag in my opinion!

The Rimmel stay matte powder is perfect for normal, oily and even dry skin. its a light weight formula and it makes,the skin feel silky smooth once applied. As it is a matte powder it is initially made for oily skin types and I've heard ( seem as I haven't got an oily skin type) that it help to keep oil residue at bay. Besides this powder being so affordable and budget friendly,it's also an overall great powder for every day use.

My favourite foundations of 2016,would have to be the Urban Decay naked skin and the Bourjois Paris healthy mix serum. I love the dewy to semi matte finish that both of these foundations create. The bourjois healthy mix serum is perfect for dry skin as it is moisturising and leaves a dewy finish behind, whereas the urban decay naked foundation gives off a semi-matte finish, and has a wide range of shades suitable for all skin colours. Both of these foundations last all day long and sit beautifully on my dry skin.

   My holy grail concealer of 2016, would hands down have to be the bourjois radiance reveal concealer as it is super hydrating for under the eyes, its brightening and its sold in drugstores,what's not to love!

The Benefit Hoola bronzer has been hyped about for years by loads of youtubers such as Zoella, Tanya Burr and many others. Although it took me a while to jump on the band wagon, I was pleasantly surprised by the pigment and quality of this product. Hoola is a cool toned bronzer which makes it perfect for contouring and bronzing the skin, its not at all chalky and it blends like a dream.

My favourite palettes of 2016, would have to be the sleek highlighting palettes but in particular the shade Cleopatra's kiss, I love this palette as it has 4 completely different shades which are all super pigmented and look beautiful on the skin!

My second favourite palette is the sleek limited edition diamonds in the rough palette, this palette is so pretty and it includes some really gorgeous shades ranging from coppers, golds, rose golds and iridescent whites.

Finally my last favourite palette of 2016
   is my custom quad from MAC within this palette I have the shades all that glitters, wood winked, mythology and texture. All of these shades are very pigmented and blendable, overall, I highly recommend mac eyeshadows. 

Throughout 2016 I've not really delved into many brow products, however I did find this natural collection brow pencil, in which for such an affordable brand I was pleasantly surprised at how good this product was. The brow pencil is pigmented, it glides on smoothly and lasts all-day long.

Mascara is probably one of my favourite products within beauty, as I feel like it really completes a look and ties it all together. I have two favourites within this category both by the brand Maybelline, if you watch a lot of YouTube you will have probably heard a lot about these two products as they were raved about frequently by a range of different beauty bloggers and vloggers. My favourite out of the two would have to be the lash sensational, however I did think that the falsies push up drama was still an amazing product and deserved a mention. The lash sensational is the best mascara I've tried in along time, its lengthening, separating and volumizing. It's also drugstore and budget friendly, what's not to love !

During 2016, I've really tried to be more adventurous when it comes to lips and colour, however I always seem to go back to my classic nudes. Throughout 2016 I've been loving kylie Jenner's lip kit in Exposed and the Body shop matte liquid lip, in Windsor rose. Both of these liquid lipsticks are super pigmented and apply beautifully onto the lips. The longevity from both of these products is insane, they last hours on the lips and fade beautifully. The Kylie Jenner lip liner is pigmented and glides on smoothly. all three of theses products are amazing quality and I highly recommend them!

Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to comment what you've been loving throughout 2016 and Happy New Year :)

Sadie xoxo


  1. oh wow we have lots of similar products we both love - I LOVE that maybelline mascara it's 100% the best high street one I have found x

  2. I know right it's amazing thankyou for reading x


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