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As I am sure you are aware I often blog about a condition known as Scoliosis. I wanted to break down what Scoliosis is and hopefully help spread awareness to anyone who may click on this post completely unaware of the condition. Hopefully this blog post acts as a social catalyst to spread the word about the condition.

Scoliosis simply is the abnormal curvature of the spine, in pretty much any direction e.g. you can have S shaped curves like mine which mean you have essentially an S shaped spine which has two counteracting curves on either side. An S shaped curve can consist of two or three curves in the spine, the most common is two curves creating the stereotypical S shape. The other type of curvature is C shaped, this curvature consists of one curve that can be to the left, right or forwards (often creating a hunched back)

Scoliosis can occur at any age, however it occurs more frequently between the ages of 10-15 and is usually idiopathic (the cause is unknown), although there are studies to suggest that the curvature occurs due to rapid growth and puberty.


-visibly curved spine
-leaning to one side
-back ache
-uneven shoulders
-ribs sticking out/ being more prominent on one side
-clothes not fitting well around the shoulders and back area


Treatment depends on age and severity of the curvature. Many people with Scoliosis often don't need treatment, but some do...

-Physiotherapy, this is usually more beneficial for mild case of Scoliosis but all Scoliosis patients can benefit from physio.
-Back bracing, this is usually used for moderate Scoliosis patients to help prevent/ halt progression of the curvature.
-Spinal fusion surgery, this is used for severe cases and is often a last resort for correction, however this is a considered a major surgery which is why it is usually the last option for many patients.

If you have Scoliosis here are a few links to some post that may help:
Coping with Scoliosis
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I hope this has helped to educate anyone who previously had no knowledge on the condition or even people who have dealt with the condition for years like myself.

Thank you for reading,
Looking Back xoxo

If you would like to ask me any questions about scoliosis please feel free to contact me:

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