Scoliosis: How to improve your flexibility

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted anything to do with scoliosis for a while now and I wanted to share some new information regarding scoliosis flexibility.
As scoliosis curvatures progress many patients begin to lose flexibility. However, there are simple ways to regain this movement through light exercising such as yoga and Thai chi. These slow yet core building exercises help to contract and relax the muscles more frequently helping with movement and strength. They allow for muscles in the back to be stretched.

However, spinal fusion surgery the main treatment for scoliosis correction limits flexibility and muscle movement in the back. The rods and bolts hold the spine in a fixed position enabling correction but this does mean that movement is reduced. Exercising and stretching can help to regain some of the previous muscle memory.  Spinal fusion has been proven time and time again to be very effective but the reduction in mobility is still prominent.

There is a clinic which specialises in scoliosis treatment, if you are interested in non invasive treatments I would recommend checking out SOS clinic located in the UK. I will link their website - here  I have found them to be very useful personally although I have not had any treatment from them I have continuously been reading their news page which helps to give information on the scoliosis community and helps to give advice to those of us in need.

Not only could exercise improve flexibility it can also help to reduce the pain you may be experiencing as a moderate - severe scoliosis patient.

Thank you for reading this post I hope it has helped in some way.

Sadie xoxo


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