What to avoid when you have scoliosis

Hello everyone,

When you have Scoliosis it can be hard to know what you can and can't do. I spent a lot of my time when I was first diagnosed not knowing what was good for my back and what could cause me more pain. However, I now know from experience that there are certain things that cause me aches and pains.

1) Carrying heavy objects
This causes anyone to have back ache as it puts strain on the muscles. However, if you have scoliosis it can make the already existing pain much worse. For example, the muscles in a scoliosis patients back are already out of line, so heavy lifting adds more strain to the back.

2) One sided sports/ impact sports
Some sports can cause more problems for scoliosis patients than others. Sports that involve collisions such as rugby or football, can have a high impact on the patients back. Golf, tennis and badminton are all one sided sports which can put strain on one side of the body and back. Both contact sports and one sided sports can cause pain and strain on the back and are therefore best to avoid when you have scoliosis.

3) Uphill walking
I had the spinal fusion surgery, so this one is probably suitable for people who are post op. I often found that due to my lumbar fusion, walking up hill puts stress on the lower part of my back. Resulting in more aches and pains. However, this only really occurs when I have been walking uphill for a while as this would generally put stress on anyone's lower back. Although, due to my fusion I often find that the lumbar part of my back isn't as flexible as it once was. Therefore, my back is more susceptible to aches and pains in the muscles.

4) Sitting positions and chairs
I find that the way in which you sit can affect how much pain you get. For instance, sitting in a chair with limited or no back support can lead to pain as the back hasn't been rested or supported for a prolonged time. Scoliosis patients need to support their backs as much as possible! I have scoliosis so I know how much difference a comfy chair can make.

5) Sleeping on your stomach
Sleeping on your front puts strain on both the spine and neck. When someone sleeps on their front they naturally twist their head to the side. However, this results in the spine twisting even more due to the strain and the repeated position. So, In conclusion sleeping on your front can lead to scoliosis curvature progression. I would recommend avoiding this sleep position.

you can read more about things you shouldn't do when you have scoliosis - here

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been useful in some way.

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