Tammi X Revolution Tropical Paradise eyeshadow palette - review

Hello everyone,

I’m so excited to do this post. I have watched Tammi on YouTube for quite some time now and when she announced that she had collaborated with one of my favourite brands (Revolution) I knew I had to pick up her palette and review it for you guys.
I have previously reviewed the Soph X Revolution eyeshadow palettes, which went down really well. I loved both those palettes so much, the formula the colour selection and the pigmentation was amazing; so I had very high hopes for this palette too!

I wasn't disappointed with this palette. The colours are gorgeous and very pigmented. They all blend beautifully and you can achieve so many different looks with this palette, due to its versatility.

1) Moonlight - white shimmer
2) Pina Colada - pale gold shimmer
3) Enchanting - copper shimmer
4) Queen Lou - light brown shimmer
5) Burning Heat - rose gold shimmer
6) Tropical - orange matte
7) Majestic - dark raspberry matte
8) Coralline - maroon matte
9) Paradise - Khaki shimmer
10) Exotic - bronze gold shimmer
11) Carnival - purple shimmer
12) Caribbean - pink shimmer
13) Golden sands - gold shimmer
14) Purpy Purps - purple matte
15) Rainforest - dark khaki matte
16) Treasure - brown shimmer
17) Waterfall - ocean blue matte
18) Adventure - pecan brown matte
19) Midnight Stroll - black matte
20) Rich Soil - wood brown matte
21) Coconut Cream - cream matte
22) Nutmeg - caramel brown matte
23) Isle of Spice - cinnamon matte

One of my favourite aspects of this palette is the 3 transition shades, Coconut Cream, Nutmeg and Isle of Spice. These transition shades make the palette much more inclusive to all skin tones as people with fair skin can use coconut cream as a transition shade or all over shade. Whereas people with a medium skin tone can use Nutmeg as their transition shade and deeper complexions can use Isle of spice. Although all three shades can be used by any skin tone for different purposes.

Out of the three recent collaborations, Sophdoesnails and Carmi Mua, Tammi's offers the best value for money as her palette contains 23 shades in contrast with Soph's which has 18 and Carmi's which has 10.  However, they are all affordable palettes and they are all stunning and individual palettes, but if you want lots of colours for your £10 then Tammi's palette is the best option.

The quality and pigmentation from each of these shadows is amazing. The amount of looks you can create from this palette is endless.


- Pigmentation
- Variety
- Versatility
- Blend ability
- Affordability


- The names come on a plastic insert which is a bit annoying as I generally lose the sheet.
- The packaging is shiny which means that it can get messy quickly.

As you can tell, the cons really are insignificant as the product I cannot flaw. I love this palette so much and I can't wait to create more looks with this palette. Revolution have done it again!!

Have you tried anything from Revolution? What are your thoughts and opinions on the brand?

let me know in the comments down below.

You can purchase the Tammi X Revolution Tropical Paradise palette - here 

Thank you for reading,
Sadie xoxo


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