2 years post op scoliosis spinal fusion surgery!!

Hello everyone,

I honestly cannot believe I am currently writing this post. I am officially 2 years post op spinal fusion surgery. It certainly doesn't feel like it has been 2 whole years. When I think about how my back used to be and the pain I used to have to deal with it's honestly incredible. A spinal surgery is a big deal, and to think I have come so far since mine honestly blows my mind.
I rarely have back pains anymore. I wasn't really expecting the back pain to ever go away to be honest, but i am so lucky that it has. The back pain was always one of the worst things about having scoliosis for me, besides the uneven shoulder blades and hips. I began to see the pain as normal and after my surgery when the pain had gone away it felt really weird. I no longer had to take co- codamal daily, or stretch my back all the time just to relive some of the pain and aches.
I do get the occasional aches and pains like anyone else does, but I don't complain about them as I know how fortunate I am for them to only be occasional.
If you have scoliosis and you are reading this, thinking that it won't get better I want you to know that it can. I have been in your shoes, I know how it feels. But scoliosis is not uncommon, I wasn't aware at the time, but there are so many people out there who are going through the same thing as you. Who can understand and sympathize with you.

My scar -
I feel very fortunate regarding my scar, it has faded nicely. It used to be quite red and visible to the eye, However it is now a silver thin line down the center of my back. I have learned to love and accept my scar, it is symbol of my strength and it tells a story. I will admit i wasn't always comfortable with it when i first had the surgery i was quite self conscious of my scar, but i have learned to embrace it. In my opinion, a scar isn't much to pay for a straight spine. It quite literally is the silver lining.

Mobility and flexibility -
Since having the surgery, flexibility has been something i have had to get used to. I was never very flexible, but after the surgery i did realize a decrease in my movements. Everything just felt more stiff and it took some getting used to. I would probably say that the limitations with flexibility are defiantly a disadvantage towards spinal fusion surgery. However, this doesn't change my perspective on spinal fusion surgeries, i still believe it was the best choice for me personally.

The emotional side to things ...

i wanted to end my post with talking about the emotional side of things. Scoliosis, as i have mentioned before can take a toll on a person mentally. It can knock a persons self confidence. After having the surgery there were things i had to adapt to. I have to be more careful about the situations i put myself in. I can't be involved in high in pact sports and i can't do gymnastics ( i never did this before my operation, but it is something to think about if you are a gymnast with scoliosis)
Overall, the emotional side of things has probably been the hardest thing for me. There were times when i wasn't able to do things or go places. This is really annoying, but as I've said before it's much better to have a straight spine in my opinion.

I still can't quite believe it has been 2 years. I have my 2 year post op appointment at the hospital soon and fingers crossed i will be signed off for good, which is pretty exciting.

Thank you for reading.
Sadie xoxo

Please feel free to ask me questions in the comments regarding scoliosis and i will reply as soon as possible.


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