Revolution Trends Celestial Eyeshadow Palette - Review

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to do a review of the new Revolution Pro Trends Celestial eyeshadow palette. I was so excited to give this palette a try, the colours looked beautiful and I loved the space and astronomy theme behind the palette. The marble effect in the eyeshadow powders adds to the beauty of the palette. This palette retails for £8 and it is from the pro collection, which is the new line to the Revolution brand.

This palette offers an amazing and versatile selection of colours, some are very wearable and some are more adventurous. The pigmentation is really good and the bendability is amazing. The only downfall towards this palette is the fall out, they can be a bit powdery. The price point is really good and I would personally pay a lot more for this palette and still be really impressed with the quality of it. 
Revolution have finally put the shade names on the palette rather than on a plastic sheet which they previously did and I am so happy about this. I always used to lose the sheet and then I never knew what the shades were called, which was so annoying, however I am so glad that this is no longer issue for me. 

The matte shades in this palette are called Transit, Parameter, Identified, Orbital, Terrene and Black hole. The mattes are very pigmented and blend beautifully. 
The marbled effect shimmer shadows are called Stellar, Observe, Universe, Star, Mars, Planet, Eclipse, System, Earth, Comet, Nebula and Astronomy. These shades are very pigmented, but they do have quite a bit of kick back, however I don't mind this as they are such good quality for the price!

shades -

Transit - light/ peachy brow transition shade (matte)
Stellar -  light pink marbled effect with purple running through it (shimmer)
Parameter - orangey brown transition shade (matte)
Observe - light pink with marble effect and rose gold running through it (shimmer)
Identified - bright orangey- red (matte)
Universe - burgundy pink (shimmer)
Star - lilac with blue flecks within it (shimmer)
Mars - light pink with copper running through it (shimmer)
Planet - light green with darker pastel green flecks within it (shimmer)
Eclipse - dark bronzy pink (shimmer)
System - forest green with blue and light green reflects (shimmer)
Earth - Deep true blue with a slight bronze reflect (shimmer)
Comet - light burgundy with pink reflects (shimmer)
Orbital - deep browny- red (matte)
Nebula - baby pink (shimmer)
Terrene - true deep red (matte)
Astronomy - dark purple with lilac reflects (shimmer)
Black hole - grey toned black (matte)

Overall, I do like this palette the marble design on the eyeshadows is gorgeous. However, the formula can be quite powdery, but the pigmentation once built up a little is amazing!

I would highly recommend picking up this palette if you love space and want to try out a new palette from the Revolution Pro range.
You can purchase the Revolution Pro Trends Celestial eyeshadow palette - here

Thank you for reading.
Sadie xoxo

Have you tried anything from Revolution Pro yet?


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