March Favourites

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do my March favourites today, as I found some real gems during the month of March. We are officially in spring now can you believe it! I don't know if it's just me, but March seems to have flown by. Anyways back on to the main attraction, my monthly favourites!

Beauty favourites -

- Revolution conceal and define concealer.
I am in love with this concealer, however I am aware that I have recently done a post raving about how good this concealer is, so I wont talk much about it. Basically, it gives amazing coverage, longevity and it has an amazing shade range and it only cost £4!

- Maybelline the turbo volum' express mascara
This isn't a new launch, but it is amazing. It is super volumising and it is quick to apply. The formula is quite wet when u first use it but give it a few days and it will start to dry a little and will therefore grab and grip onto the lashes adding even more volume. This mascara is around £5 and I honestly can not recommend it enough!

- I Heart Revolution Unicorn Surprise Egg
I did do a review on this range from I heart revolution, however I didn’t realise how much I would like this egg. I’ve never really used purple eyeshadow before but I really really loved how it looked when applied. Purple is probably one of my new favourite shades of eyeshadow. These eggs are affordable and of a great quality. I know it’s not Easter anymore so the egg theme is probably a bit late, although I do think this egg can be used all year round.

- Simple Water Boost cleansing wipes
I love these wipes for a quick and easy way to remove my makeup. They feel really nice on the skin and they do a good job at removing most of my makeup, however I do sometimes feel as though they don't remove everything so I do go back over with a cleanser just to make sure that everything is removed. I think these wipes are great for on the go and convenience and I have been really enjoying using them during march. I would highly recommend simple face wipes.

Hair care favourites -

- L’OrĂ©al Elvive Dream Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner
I’ve seen a few You tubers talk about this range and how good it is, so I thought I would give it a go. I’ve been using it for just over a week now and I have really noticed a difference in my hair. It looks so much more healthy and it feels soft. This range also smells really nice and has a lingering scent throughout the day. Overall, if you have long hair that looks a little lifeless like mine did, then I would recommend trying this range. It’s  easily accessible and affordable.

- Batiste Dry Shampoo
I used to wash my hair every day, but after reading a lot of magazines telling me how bad it is to wash your hair that frequently, I thought I would try washing it every other day. I purchased the Batiste dry shampoo as I know a lot of people who love it and can't stop raving about it. I wash my hair on an evening and then on the second day I spray some of this dry shampoo into the roots, I massage it in a leave it a few minutes before brushing my hair out. I find that not only does this dry shampoo leave a lovely lingering scent, it also adds volume back into the roots and helps to manage the oil in my hair. This dry shampoo is very handy and convenient. It's great when you don't have time to wash your hair or your in a rush and its affordable and effective.

Shower favourites -

- Ferne McCann body washes in the scents Blush oud and Capri
I recently did a review on a few products from this range and I was really impressed considering everything was only £1. I have been using these body washes for the past couple of weeks on and off. I don't use them all the time as I have really dry skin and I need something more moisturising, however I like using these when my skin isn't too dry as they smell amazing and they have a nice foam to them. I honestly can't recommend them enough for an affordable body wash.

Random favourites -

- Vogue magazine
I thought I would mention this slightly random favourite as I have really enjoyed reading this months issue of Vogue. I thought they had some really great stories and photography within it and I loved the fashion and beauty tips section (always my favourite section). I really enjoyed reading magazines this month I just found it so relaxing and refreshing to look at all the new beauty and fashion trends.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed!
Sadie xoxo
what were your favourites during the month of March ?


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