ABH subculture dupe?? - Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division

Hello everyone,

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews regarding the ABH subculture palette, therefore I didn't want to invest £41 on a palette that I may not even like. I have heard a lot of beauty You Tubers and Bloggers say that the Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division is a great dupe for this rather controversial palette. The dupe retails for a very affordable £4!
I decided to give it a go and let you all know my thoughts and opinions on it. I obviously can't compare it to the Anastasia palette, as I don't have it, however I can talk about the pigmentation, quality and blend ability this palette has to offer.
I have used a few palettes from Revolution, so I am aware that this brand is of a high quality. I did a review of the very popular Soph x Revolution eyeshadow palette, which I loved! so bearing that in mind I had high expectations for this palette too and I wasn't disappointed.

Shade range - The shade range in my opinion is really good. There are some adventurous shades and some more neutral/ everyday shades. I really like how you can create a natural look and also many bold looks with this palette. My favourite shades in this palette would have to be the yellowy - mustard matte on the bottom row, the peachy orange and the lime green shimmery shadow on the middle row. I also really like the light peachy brown ( almost skin tone) on the top row as a subtle transition shade.

pigmentation - The mattes are really pigmented and they blend seamlessly. The two shimmer shadows in this palette are pigmented, however I think the lime green could be more pigmented. Although,  it does look amazing once built up. I suppose this is the difference and maybe the fall down between buying this palette as a dupe for the ABH subculture palette is that the pigmentation isn't as good however, for only £4 I really cannot complain.

Formula - The formula of these shadows for £4 is amazing. They can be powdery and do have some kick back, however I still think they are great shadows. In my opinion this palette is an amazing dupe or alternative for the ABH subculture palette which is around £43, a considerable difference in price! I don't have the ABH palette to compare with, however I have heard a lot of You Tubers say that the subculture palette isn't very good at all, so if you were thinking about purchasing the ABH Subculture palette for the unusual and adventurous shades, but you have become sceptical due to the reviews then I would highly recommend giving this palette a try first!

Overall thoughts - This palette is affordable, great quality, pigmented and it is easy to blend out for a more soft look. It's easy to access and it comes with a white and black eyeshadow, which is very rare for a palette and very convenient. I love Revolutions products and I was impressed once again with their products. Revolution are constantly coming out with new products, dupes for high end brands and their own unique products too. I would highly recommend this palette and if the rest of the Reloaded palettes are like this one I will for sure be checking them out too!

You can purchase your Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division palette - here

Thank you for reading and I hope you have found this useful.
Sadie xoxo

Let me know in the comments below, what affordable dupes for high end products have you tried??


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