Best of beauty 2017 - Shower Favourites

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about my 2017 shower favourites. Throughout the year 0f 2017, there has been a lot of interesting products released i.e. shampoo, conditioner, shower creams and much more; all in which promise to do different things for example anti frizz shampoos and hair thickening serums etc.

1) Garnier ultimate blends coconut water shampoo and conditioner - 

I've mentioned the Garnier Ultimate Blends collection before on my blog, so I won't talk too much about these products. The shampoo hydrates my hair and has a lovely lingering scent to it. The conditioner nourishes and softens my hair from root to tip. The Garnier Ultimate Blends collection is easily accessible and affordable, I would highly recommend this entire collection. 

2) Phil Smith curly locks shampoo and coco licious conditioner -

I really like Phil Smith as a brand their products are really affordable and of great quality. 
The shampoos and conditioners are really good, they add volume, reduce frizz and add softness. The conditioner has a gorgeous lingering scent of coconut to it. They are affordable and effective, I would highly recommend picking some Phil Smith hair products up next time you see them!

3) Dove purely pampering shower cream - 

I have really dry skin but I find that this dove shower cream really helps put back the moisture into my skin and I have noticed a significant difference in my skin since using this. Dove is affordable and easy to get a hold of, so I would highly recommend trying this shower cream out if you suffer from really dry skin like myself. 

4) Radox feel lively scent body wash -

This body wash smells amazing!, and the scent is long lasting. The smell is a radiant blend of wild peony and lychee scents. This body wash is refreshing and helps to hydrate the skin. I would highly recommend this product due to it's gorgeous scent. 

5) The Body Shop Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs!!! 

I absolutely LOVE these bath bombs and bubble bars, they add colour to your bath and they have so many skin benefits. Lush step aside!!
I love lush, but these products are a serious competition especially considering their affordable price point. I couldn't recommend these bath products enough!! 

Thank you for reading.
Please feel free to comment below what your favourite shower products are and I will reply as soon as possible.

Sadie xoxo


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