Scoliosis prevention - is it possible to prevent spinal curvature before it happens?

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I'm sure many people with Scoliosis often wonder whether the condition can be prevented before it occurs.
Scoliosis can not generally be prevented. Most cases of scoliosis (80%) are idiopathic, which means that the cause is unknown. Idiopathic scoliosis usually develops whilst a child is growing up or in times of rapid growth spurts. Since the curvatures cause is unknown, it cannot be anticipated and no preventative action can be taken.

Scoliosis can also occur as a symptom of numerous other conditions, such as -

- Osteoporosis
- Chiari malformations
- Marfan syndrome
- Neurofibromatosis

Some of these underlying conditions can sometimes be prevented - for instance, excersise and a diet rich in vitamin D and calcium can help to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis - but others are passed on genetically, making it difficult to prevent these conditions and the spinal curvatures that they can cause.

There are many myths about scoliosis prevention and the most prominent one would have to be that bad posture can cause scoliosis. This is not true, although bad posture is definitely not good it is scientifically proven that it will not cause a side ways curvature of the spine. Another common myth surrounding scoliosis is carrying a heavy backpack can cause the condition again this is not true.
Scoliosis can not be prevented by sitting up straight or carrying fewer books!

There is no prevention for scoliosis but it can be treated. The scoliosis curvature can be monitored, halted or slowed down.
Bracing is a treatment that is used to help prevent rapid progression within the curvature of the spine.
Physical therapy is also a treatment in which is proven to help reduce and manipulate the correct muscle alignments.

If you would like to read more about scoliosis prevention click - Here

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