Hydrotherapy treatment for scoliosis

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Hydrotherapy also known as aquatic therapy, can be used to help influence body alignments.  There are 5 key features which help with the treatment of hydrotherapy, Buoyancy, the upwards pressure of the water eases stress on muscles and joints, soothing the aches and pains that scoliosis can cause. The warm water within a pool can help to relax the muscles and body. viscosity, the thickness of the water prompts gentle resistance from the muscles and turbalance can also help with scoliosis because when a body is placed within water it naturally moves in order to balance consequently excersising the muscles. The last factor in which contributes towards Hydrotherapy is known as Hydrostatic pressure which provides a natural relief for joint swelling.

Hydrotherapy is good for scoliosis patients, as it can help with flexibility and movement it can also help to reduce the pain and aches within the muscles.
Hydrotherapy is often suggested to patients who suffer with pain as it is a treatment in which is proven to dramatically reduce pain. Stretches within the pool can help to strengthen the muscles and as a result of this the curvature can slowly decrease and improve over time. Hydrotherapy can also help to improve many other aspects such as -

- pain relief from muscle spasms
- Ease of movement
- increase joint range and flexibility

Hydrotherapy is a treatment in which is suitable for all scoliosis patients from mild to severe. Hydrotherapy is not an immediate fix but it is a good treatment for mild to moderate cases who are not eligible for the surgery but still suffer from back aches and pains.
Hydrotherapy is a successful treatment for scoliosis patients and something worth looking into whether you have mild scoliosis, wear a brace, awaiting spinal fusion or other scoliosis surgeries or even post op scoliosis surgery. Hydrotherapy can be beneficial to all scoliosis patients.

If you would like to read more about hydrotherapy please click - Here

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