Battle of the liquid lipsticks

Hello everyone,

As of right now everyone seems to love the whole liquid lipstick hype, myself included, but the question is with so many now on the market which ones truely are the best?!

I've picked five of my most worn liquid lipsticks from my collection to review today. These lipsticks range from as little as £3 to around £30, so I think it's fair to say that there's one for everyone no matter your budget.

NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in shade lace detail/ 03

colour - pale pinkie nude
This liquid lipstick, is quite thick in consistency and once applied, feels more like a velvet/swade lipstick, however it dries down to a thin and matte consistency. The longevity of this lipstick is fairly good it last around 4-5 hours, However it does wear off after eating. This lipstick fades nicely and doesn't leave the dreaded ring around the lips.
Overall, I would highly recommend the NYX liquid lipsticks, however these are not my favourite formula out of the 5 I have selected.
They are very affordable at only £7.00! you can purchase yours here

The Body Shop matte lip liquid in shade Windsor Rose/ 032

colour - pinkie beige nude
I absolutely love the formula of these lip liquids from The Body Shop, they are really creamy to apply and they don't dry out my lips. The longevity of them isn't the best but they do last around 3hours if no drinks or food are consumed within that time. The colour selection for these lip liquids isn't amazing but they are a lot of shades that I do like from the range. This lip liquid fades really nicely. My only problem with this product, is that you have to be very carful when applying as it can become very clumpy and sticky, however this can be easily avoided by applying one thin coat. The pigmentation is amazing and I really enjoy wearing this product.
You can purchase your matte lip liquid from The Body Shop here  for just £6!

MUA LUXE velvet lip lacquer in shade Tranquillity

colour - pinkie nude
This liquid lipstick, gives a velvet- matte finish. The formula is smooth and glides on easily, the colour is pigmented and long lasting. This lipstick is very quick drying, however it doesn't not dry my lips out, its actually quite comfortable to wear. Again, like the previous lipstick less is more as this formula tends to go clumpy after a few coats. The only down side to this product is the smell, as there is quite a prominent scent of chemicals in the product. This liquid lipstick is so affordable and in my opinion its a hidden gem!
You can purchase your MUA LUXE velvet lip lacquer here, for a tiny £3!

Kylie cosmetics matte liquid lipstick in shade Exposed

colour - beige nude ( slightly peach toned)
I love this liquid lipstick so much, the formula is so long lasting and the colour is gorgeous. Now I have no idea if this is just me, but I personally think that this lipstick has a orangey/ peachy tone to it, but I actually love this about the product, the colour is so unique and yes I know it's a nude, but it's nothing like the rest of my lipsticks. 
One problem I have with this product is how dry it makes my lips feel, I always have to put a lip balm on before I apply this, however I think that having my lips feel like the Sahara desert, is totally worth it! purely because of the beautiful colour and the longevity of this product. 
My second problem is how much it costs to actually get this product, I live in the UK and shipping from the USA is extortionate. On the website the products are reasonably priced, however I honestly don't think its worth the extra £20 in customs and shipping for this product, as much as I do love it!
You can find the Kylie cosmetic matte liquid lipsticks - here

Max Factor Lipfinity liquid lip duo

Colour - pinkie beige nude
I recently did an in depth review of this Max Factor lip duo, which you can read - here
This lip duo is very long wearing and thanks to the moisture balm, which comes along side the liquid lipstick, my lips don't feel dry at all when I'm wearing this lipstick. pigmentation is amazing and application is smooth and easy. The lipfinity duo has a semi permanent colour and a shine boosting, moisturising top coat. However, this product is versatile in the sense that you can wear the lipstick without the top coat for a matte finish or with the top coat for a shiny/ glossy finish. I've been wearing this lip duo quite a lot recently and I have to say it's quickly becoming a holy grail!
you can pick up your Max Factor lipfinity lip duo here  for £10.99

Out of all the 5 liquid lipsticks, my favourite would have to be the Max Factor lipfinity lip duo, as it is an amazing product, it's reasonably priced and easy to get a hold of.

Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks ? and, what is your opinion on them?
please feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed.

Sadie xoxo


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