What I've learnt about the beauty industry.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to try something different from usual, and let you all know what I have learnt about the beauty industry. With the beauty industry being a multi million pounds business, I think its important sometimes to just remember that this whole industry has been created through women and men purchasing products to essentially boost there confidence and improve there appearance, and for some people it's just fun and something to help you feel better about yourself, but I think it's necessary to remind ourselves that we have to embrace who we are and how we look, with and without makeup and filters, because as cheesy as it sounds there is only one you, and if everyone in the world looked like one of the flawless models we are surrounded by in the media, then they would be no uniqueness.

I know that was quite heavy and deep for my blog but I felt like it was needed because its okay for youtubers and bloggers to sit and film or write about new beauty products, but it's also important to state to people that it's okay to not wear makeup. We are unique and different and I want you all to remember that, because we all have those days when we wish we had the perfect figure or the flawlessly perfected face and that's completely normal as long as you remember that you are perfect just the way you are.

The beauty industry like anything has it's positives and negatives. The positives of the beauty industry is how confident it can make people feel and how it can give people the option to be creative and experimental. Makeup can make women feel strong, confident and happy within themselves. It gives women a way to pamper and glamorise themselves, but it's not for everyone and that's totally okay.

I guess, what I was trying to say in this post is that everyone is different and diversity is a good thing, its important that we love and embrace ourselves and remember that we are all beautiful in our own ways.

I've learnt this because of scoliosis, it may of been a horrible experience but it did teach me to embrace the way I look and the shape of my body. I didn't really have a shape for a good 3 years my shoulders and hips were uneven and no item of clothing looked right on me, but now I don't have this problem my hips are in line and my shoulders are even. If anything scoliosis has taught me to appreciate my body the way it is.

This post was quite random and different from my others but like I previously said, it's important to talk about these things. Sorry for the cheesiness overload but hopefully you were all able to take something onboard from this post.

Thank you all for reading.
Sadie xoxo


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