It's scoliosis awareness month!

Hello everyone,

Scoliosis awareness month takes place annually every June, in the hope to highlight and raise awareness on the spinal deformity.
June is a month dedicated to making the public aware of the condition and helping to detect scoliosis early so treatment can hopefully be more effective. 

Scoliosis Association have now launched their 2017 campaign #gotyourback17
If you wish to help spread the word about scoliosis, please head on over to their website, where you can download some posters and a fundraising pack - Here

So, as it is Scoliosis Awareness month, i found myself reflecting on my condition and I soon began to realise that scoliosis has given me so much more than it has ever taken from me. Scoliosis made me grow up and it made me into a better person. Scoliosis has made me proud of who I am, and I am thankful for that.

I really want to help get scoliosis noticed this month, and if anyone reading this either has scoliosis themselves or knows someone with the condition please help me do just that!

If Scoliosis is left untreated, it can cause a lifetime of pain and complications. Early detection and education of scoliosis are vital keys to identification and treatment. If scoliosis is found early Hospitals can have the chance to brace the patient and help to prevent surgery from happening.
This is why raising awareness is so important, without the education and knowledge of the condition many patients can live their whole life without knowing what is causing their back pain and not knowing that it could've been eased or even prevented.

Thankyou so much for reading, and please feel free to get involved.

It would also be great if anyone reading this who has the condition, would like to email me their scoliosis story and I will publish it on here as a guest post,
my email is

                                                                      Sadie xoxo


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