My current skincare regime

                                                                    Hi guys,

Today I wanted to do a blog post on my current skin care regime.

I used to find skin care a chore, however I've grow to enjoy it, I now love putting face masks on and pampering my skin and the best bit about it is that Ive started to notice a difference.

I typically have dry skin, meaning I always need to keep on top of moisturising, as I found that without it makeup clings to my dry patches.

So I thought I'd share the 3 main products that have changed the appearance of my skin.

1) L'Oréal fine flowers - Gel-cream wash

The L'Oréal fine flowers gel cream wash, contains extracts of Rose and Jasmine Flowers, in a cleansing gel-cream wash for soft, comfortable and fresh skin. The rich gel-cream texture emulsifies in water, transforming into a creamy foam that cleanses and softens the skin without drying it out.

ROSE - known for its soothing and comforting properties.
JASMINE -  renowned for its protecting and moisturising properties.

The wash is to be used 2 times a day, morning and evening, the aim of the gel wash is to cleanse and free the skin from impurities. The wash reveals deeply comfortable skin, that feels smooth and silky soft.
 I've noticed significant improvements in that my skin feels softer, more supple and appears healthier.
This product is aimed at dry and sensitive skin, so perfect for my skin type!

you can purchase yours: Here

2) Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser

The simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser, has a perfect blend of vitamins to keep your skin hydrated.
From using this product I've noticed a significant difference in the dryness of my skin, my skin feels more moisturised and healthy. 

Active benefits.
Pro-Vitamin B5 restores, softens and soothes.
Vitamin E moisturises and improves skin condition.
pH balanced works in harmony with your skin.

you can purchase yours: Here

3) Garnier skin active micellar cleansing gel wash

I've been using the Garnier skin active micellar gel wash for awhile now, and I am really impressed at the results I have received. It is said by Garnier, that this product is a all-in-one-rinse-off gel wash, which cleanses, removes make-up, impurities, pollution and also soothes the skin. Its very gently to use even on the eyes and lips.The gel wash is enriched with grape extracts leaving the skin with a lovely fresh scent.
I've also noticed that since using this product, my skin has begun to feel a lot smoother, but the main feature of the wash is how good it is at removing all traces of makeup. with other micellar waters I would often find myself having to use loads to make sure there's no makeup left on my skin however, I don't find myself having to do that with the gel wash. I would 100% recommend, and the best bit is that this product is easy to get hold off and really inexpensive.

you can purchase yours: Here

Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope you found this post useful. Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what your favourite skincare products are.

Sadie xoxo


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